Create quick structural models. We promote IDS™ Engine, but if your customer prefers any other software , we can create those in minutes .

Structural designs 


We promote sustainability. We want to accelerate engineering , which will significantly contribute early stage engineering and help companies reach their targets quicker, allow end customers to reach their energy targets quicker. 

The Shorts Edit


We're kicking off this season by introducing an Open frame module. generate quick structures , with auto loading, auto outputs and additionally an additional bi-product of staad-pro file. 

All the details


Limited edition

Parametric model generation and allow structural engineers to build model quicker 

Loading Automated 
We believe that investing in your business means investing in your people. That’s why we only partner with ethical engineering companies  that ensure that each of their employees receives an equal engineering credit . Its the engineers experience and our automation that will help you reach your goals quicker. 

Conscious change, but comfortable when you get quick designs 


Use IDS ™ to generate quick parametric models and then generate quick analysis outputs using IDS ™ engine and in parallel create a Staad-Pro file, if that is what your customers prefer today. Very soon IDS ™ should be sufficient when convinced results are only Better