Staying connected with our customers - in the chatGPT Era 

"We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want"
Let's take the first step  together"

We Love IDS ™ - Integrated design suite - but  our customers cannot do without conventional software suggested by their end owners in technical specifications. 
We understand - we want to take those first steps together with you.
Get instantaneous Piping and Structural output files in the usual software's that your end owners will initially accept.
Click on both images below and check the videos for yourself. 
We just don't create best products - we deliver experiences you will never forget.
"Reinvent the way you deliver Engineering - #2050"

About Us

ASETS-LUX has revolutionized and reinvented the way we deliver engineering projects. IDS(tm) - Integrated design suite platform is a multi-disciplinary platform that can provide 3D CAD, simulations and designs to accelerate engineering 10X faster.
We have reduced delivery times by accelerating the early stage engineering proposals and designs by over 50%. 

Aah. so if yet unfamiliar with IDS™- we help you deliver piping stress files in your familiar outputs

Create / model 1000 pipelines and get instantaneous stress outputs in minutes.

If yet unfamiliar with IDS™- we help you deliver structural stress files in your familiar outputs

Create multiple structures on a single platform and in one "Click" create respective structural files in your familiar environment.