CONVENTIONAL ENGINEERING PRACTICES are  just like Recipes made by the best engineers. 

DIGITILIZATION is to improve them better with " touch of technology"



Piping engineering is the most influencing discipline that creates impact-ful consequences on the project budget, time and schedules 
ASETS-LUX supports over 50 Various course topics in the Engineering Procurement Construction sector. That means you can duet with different students and instructors  anytime you want. Sign up now to learn and contribute in computational mechanics via online digital platform and contribute towards cloud computing.

Where we'll meet

Our "Introduction to Piping " is an online digital course.
If you are a student , sign up for the course and if you are an Instructor, sign up for the sharing your expertise on Piping engineering via our online digital platform

What we'll learn in Piping engineering

  1. Impact of piping on the project
  2. Process and Piping interaction
  3. P&ID schema
  4. General rules for connecting piping with Stationary equipment
  5. General rules for connecting piping with Rotating equipment
  6. Inter-disciplinary data exchange.

Our Story

ASETS-LUX has successfully created a holistic multi-disciplinary digital platform that performs simulation , design and model for multiple disciplines, process , piping, structural ine one single integrated platform.
This helps accelerate engineering cycles over 50%.

"An innovation where solutions are made by Engineers for Engineers"