What is so special in our online digital learning platform and  engineering course ?

It gives you and your engineering team a rationale opportunity to explore the various concepts with an 'acute' eye and testing field to explore exciting opportunities.

Why are we different than the other digital learning experience ?

We provide an engineering product with a gaming perspective to the entire Eco-system of the asset , including engineers , draftsman’s, designers, stress engineers , material engineers , finite element experts . 

It is an opportunity with an incremental shift in creating complex engineering relationship with simplicity and creativity - a global sustainability drive. 

Learning never exhausts the mind.” “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

A quick demonstration on how you can subscribe to our online digital platform and start accessing rich and enriching experience of various disciplines of engineering .
Contribute towards " DigitiLization" and " Accelerate asset creation"

About IDS(tm) - Integrated Design Suite 

We help customers accelerate 'asset creation'
we 'expedite harmoniously' to promote sustainability with an integrated approach.

Holistic platform for 'creative engineers'.

Piping engineering with a 'Gaming' perspective