Piping Isometrics 

Greenfield Or Brownfield 

The two most common methods for producing piping designs for a process facility are making either plan and elevation drawings and constructing a scaled model. For fabricating welded piping, plans and elevations are sent directly to a subcontractor, usually a shop fabricator Isometric views
(ISOs) are commonly used in prefabricating parts of butt-welded piping systems. ISOs showing the piping to be prefabricated are sent to the shop fabricator.

The prefabricated parts of the piping system are called “spools.” The piping group either produces ISOs showing the required spools or marks the piping to be plans and elevations, depending on whether or not a model is used.
Piping “isometric” and “spool” drawings shows a complete line from one piece of equipment to another. It gives all information necessary for fabrication and erection of piping. Today, ISOs are usually drawn using CAD.
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