IDS(tm) - Viewer 

a new in-sight into 3D models, Real time model reviews , comments 
IDS(tm) Viewer can help you Navigate in real time, help observe clashes to avoid later on delays and help in reviewing 3D models quite early on in the engineering stage. IDS(tm)- viewer can be used to receive and transfer comments to the end owners and accelerate engineering 
Above all use our learning platform to get into computational mechanics.

The smart way to share 3D models 

At ASETS-LUX, we're committed to providing you with the best technology to help you reach your goals. Whether you need to quickly get minor customer approvals on a certain specific engineering stage approval , view realistic 3D model , or get the best deal on a new project by presenting a quick 3D model to boost business, our tools will help you sort through the small stuff, so you can focus on what you do best.



Use our built-in 3D model viewer. Where models generated in IDS(tm) editor can be viewed.


Review any clashes with push of a button. Track all changes which can save hours of rework for the downsstream.


Buy, sell engineering courses , materials from the learning platform. Get in-depth insight into digital transformation, computational mechanics

No borders
and no limits

ASETS-LUX  supports over 50 Various course topics in the Engineering Procurement and Construction sector. That means you can duet with instructor from Europe, spin a set / idea with a student  in Chicago, or rock out an idea with a student in India anytime you want. Sign up now to learn how to contribute in computational mechanics via online digital platform and contribute towards cloud computing.