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For the first time at SWE’s Annual Conference, ExxonMobil is sponsoring additional space for attendees to experience advanced technology. This Digital Garage is intended to inspire students and professional attendees to dream about where digital tools can take us in the future. Attendees will be able to learn and experience the power of digital tools being used across the industry with hands-on demonstrations of virtual reality simulations, augmented reality, digital twining, scanning equipment, Artificial Intelligence, and more!

Collegians will also be able to register for an immersive VR experience featuring 1-on-1 tours of manufacturing sites for both ExxonMobil and Chevron. Virtual reality is an excellent medium for prototyping, enabling engineers to visualize future products, analyze layouts, and diagnose errors, as well as making it possible to test different versions of models. VR technology creates enjoyable, motivational experiences that further create A World of Opportunity.


ASETS-LUX will display its IDS(tm)-Integrated Design suite-Learning module to implement its core philosophy of how engineering is performed in the Industry today and compare this system with a more innovative, digitilized , transformed manner. Helping save time, resources and money.
Our presence will showcase solutions from the recent projects executed with Contractors that accelerate project delivery to a considerable level by executing projects excluding all fragmented tools and simply using one single tool to deliver final Bill of Material.


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About Integrated Design Suite IDS™

IDS™ - Integrated Design Suite platform is a multi-disciplinary holistic platform helping enables our clients with 3D model , simulation and design capabilities, with built-in engine for finite element analysis & thermodynamics.
We are here re-inventing the way we deliver “digital” engineering with a holistic cloud platform helping companies accelerate engineering projects over 50%. This benefits both End-owners and the contractors/ Li censors who can help accelerate decision making abilities on specific projects with digital “Pre-calculator” that allows them to further execute the project quicker and realistic to the margins. ASETS-LUX empowers customers to unlock insights from engineering data, accelerate digital transformation, increase productivity, and improve sustainability.
Our multi-disciplinary platform allows data centric approach , with an ability to avoid generating the same model in different environments repeatedly helping save time.  IDS™ Integrated design suite “learning” platform gives a complete in-sight into the energy ecosystem specially for curious engineering  students who are highly motivated to take on high-risk challenges, or have innovative ideas to contribute , but would themselves like to be trained in solving the complex challenges in the existing conventional ways and then demonstrating the same projects being executed 10X faster with a digital learning platform.